India's top School Parent Communication App

The UOLO app makes it effortless for schools to send parents important tidbits of information – be it messages, homework, pictures, markscards or attendance reports.

Do you use WhatsApp for personal communication? If yes, the idea of using UOLO for school communication will resonate with you. Join thousands of educators across India who are using UOLO to connect instantly with parents and students!

100% Parents, 100% of time

School messages sent will reach all parents, whether they have a smartphone or not.

Easy for teachers and parents

Teachers are busy. Our product make their jobs easier, not harder.

Cost Effective

A complete Learning Management solution, but still at a affordable cost!

Join the UOLO community!

Students spend half their waking hours in the classroom with their teacher. The other half is spent at home with their families. These are the two most important influences on a student’s life. Collaboration between educators and parents, can have tremendous benefits on the child’s holistic development.

Uolo acts as the bridge between educators and home, trying to turn every school into vibrant connected community. Informed parents  are involved parents. Join us to revolutionize education through school-parent engagement! 

Uolo Connects Everyone

Android – iPhone – SMS – Desktop





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