UOLO School Mobile App - Forging Positive Relationships with Parents!

As a school, the best way to forge a positive relationship with parents is through better communication. UOLO is the best way to achieve this. Send parents timely communication regarding homeworks, events, circulars and results!


You can message anytime, anywhere from mobile or desktop!


You can send text messages, pictures, PDF or files!


Timely and relevant messages helps you keep parents in the loop.

More than Messaging!

UOLO helps you forge strong relationship with parents, and drive excellence!

100% REACH

School messages sent will reach all parents, whether they have a smartphone or not.


Teachers are busy. Our product make their jobs easier, not harder.


Parents and teachers cannot see each other’s contact numbers.

UOLO in the News

Uolo School Mobile App is an award winning software! But what matters most to us is the appreciation of our teacher partners and parents!








Why use a school mobile app? And, why UOLO?

As a school you might be using an ERP. You might also be sending occasional SMS messages on fee collection, unplanned holidays, and event reminders. But did you know that there is a lot of research to show that deeper parental involvement in areas related to academics, homeworks, and extra-curricular activities is the number one predictor of the child’s learning outcome? And, without any doubt, regular communication through a school app is one of the best ways to involve parents!

Uolo is a pioneer in the field of parent mobile apps. Our school mobile app is deployed in over a 3000 schools across India, and has made school parent communication simple and scalable.

Our idea is to partner with educators and help them give our children the root to grow and the wings to fly!